too tired to write anything but thank you.

29 Apr

Hashbrown Harry’s was a smashing success. So before I fall asleep in my oatmeal (just kidding. I forgot to eat today and now it’s too late and I didn’t even get to try my favorite Texan egg dish that Harry recreated just for me and now my old camp counselor is going to Austin this weekend and IT’S NOT FAIR.)

Just wanted to thank Seth Kramer, who did the most INSANE magic tableside. You should probably use him at your next dinner party or Bar Mitzvah. Check out his site right here.

Also thanks to Nicole, Thing 1, Charlie and my Work Husband for your great 7-course f&b serving.

Also thanks to my sister-in-law for the cowboy boots for Riley. Oh wait. Just kidding. You’re holding them hostage.

And Missy & B for the instagram feed (you’ll enjoy them tomorrow on shelbytown).

And my parents for being ok with the fact that we really made pot brownies for our friends and loved ones.

And the guys in the kitchen, who I forced to boil water, bake things, make tortillas, teach me how to cook and deal with my annoying ass nonstop for the past week.

And most of all, Mr. Hashbrown Harry himself, who busted his ass just to make me happy. He’s the best. It might be stupid to marry a chef, but my chef is definitely the exception.


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