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pot brownies without certain ingredients are just drugs.

26 Apr

I am sooooo exhausted today that I cried at the following times:

  1. Listening to Lionel Richie and Darius Rucker sing “Stuck On You” because I guess I’m gonna be with Harry ’til the end.
  2. When I replayed Stuck on You for Harry and asked him to dance and he said no.
  3. When the Rangers won the 7th game, out of happiness, and I’m an Islander fan (shut up) so that was weird.
  4. I looked at the mess I made in the kitchen.
  5. The girl I don’t like (because she NEVER SMILES) got kicked off Idol and I felt sad for her.
  6. When I saw my babygirl waiting for me at the front door clapping and jumping up and down. Everyday I’m too busy to hang with her all day I fear that she’ll go pee pee on the potty without me being there and it will destroy me for all eternity. I’m considering removing it from the house until Hashbrown Harry’s is dunzo so I don’t miss out on this momentous occasion.
  7. In the middle of Trader Joe’s, because I couldn’t remember what I needed. It was butter. It took me 25 minutes to remember. I had a $20 bill. Somehow I didn’t have enough money. Why does that place have to be so stressful???


  1. CARROT BREAD – You know that stuff that you get as a special treat that’s like a sugar scrub, and it’s like something grainy and something oily and you wash your hands or entire body with it and your skin feels soooooo smooth after? Picture that with a bunch of shredded carrots in it, and that’s what the dough looked like.
  2. SPECIAL BROWNIES –  It turns out you need brownie mix, not just pot.


  1. We got a box filled with t-shirts delivered!!!!!! I’d post a photo but the shirt is on the arm of a chair that’s out of my reach, and I’m way too tired to go get it. Take my word, they’re fucking awesome and you are going to want one like woah.
  2. Harry made sour cherry Pop Tart filling and jam in baby mason jars.
  3. I got secret ingredients for my bloody marys (my sis-in-law and her sister [my sister-sister] have freaked me out with their high bloody mary standards and I’m not going to sleep until I create a perfect recipe, not that I’ll know if it’s perfect because I don’t even like those things. The only thing that happens when I drink one is that I want a shrimp.)
  4. I can’t focus long enough to remember what I was talking about. Sorry. Next time I pop up a restaurant remind me that it’s a stupid stupid stupid idea.


100 billion.  Add 5 because I miss Charlie. Subtract 40K because I’m seeing him tomorrow.