the official shelbytown summer 2012 self-serve fro yo challenge. (day 2)

10 Jul

So just to review, we’re testing the following self-serve frozen yogurt theories, all based on Yogurt Crazy:

#1: It is impossible to spend less than $5 per yogurt.

#2: No matter how many yogurts you are purchasing, you are always asked if you want a lid.

#3: You are also asked if you want a bag.

Tonight, in an INSANE turn of events, I went to a new yogurt place called Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt. SIMPLY WORLDS APART FROM  the other place. Just kidding. The only difference is the name and that one place has tile floors, one place has wood floors.

Night #1: July 10th, 9:27pm

Number of yogurts purchased: 1

Topping Highlights: Crapola. 2 chocolate covered almonds, which are inappropriately large to be placed on top of a sundae.

Total cost: $4.48!!!!!!!! (This was a result of the crapola toppings, so don’t be all proud of me. I left the place totally depressed. HOW DARE a new yogurt place not offer rainbow cookies as a topping. That is ludicrous.

Average cost per yogurt: $4.48 – nearly 10 ounces of total misery except that the flavor is thin mint which is my favorite but it looked really icy.

Cashier gender: Female

Tan: Deep orange.

Additional Employees: 3 female, 1 obnoxious male.

Tans: The color of Otto, the Syracuse mascot. A staff that tans together stands together.

Asked if I need lids: NO… because the lids are SELF SERVE!!! Genius!!!

Asked if I also need a bag: No. Bags were neither self serve nor employee serve. They were simply non existent.

Cashier placed the yogurts in the bag: If, by “placing the yogurt in the bag” you mean “stared at me critically while I put my toppings on and pumped my caramel,” then yes.

Additional notes: The ambiance in this place is not to be missed. It looks like a watermelon threw up in an Ikea while basking in the bright Alaska summer sun. I think I may have gotten a fake tan just by standing inside the place. There are adirondack chairs outside* so other than the shitty toppings, icy yogurt and vomitacious atmosphere, it’s definitely the best yogurt place around. I will not be back for sure.


*Sidebar: As the yogurt place is next door to a 5 Guys, my plan is to grab a burger next week and chill in the adirondack chair, maybe take a nap, read a book, catch some rays…. maybe I’ll even start posting from there. But until they get rainbow cookies or fruit loops I’m not going back inside.


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