how my blog became a best selling novel and film franchise in 93 short (long) posts.

2 May

Today was one of those unexpectedly busy busy busy days that start with me buying a venti Starbucks iced green tea with one sweet n low, and next thing I know I’m sitting down (in a leisurely way, not a worky or drivey way) for the very first time at 12:33am. Well technically laying down because today has simply exhausted my puffy little body and sitting upright simply isn’t an option.
Things I did today were fist fight with my father over putting a cotton candy milkshake (topped with ACTUAL COTTON CANDY) on the menu, (poll arriving shortly on that one) Google the most recent Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker set lists so I’ll be prepared to sing along at the concert on Thursday, book like 55 parties (or 2 if you want the unexaggerated version) and schmoozed some customers I hadn’t seen in awhile. Now that I’m writing it down it doesn’t seem like I did much of anything at all. I was really really busy. I just can’t remember the rest of the shit I was doing it because there was so much physical labor involved that it clearly drained all my energy.

I got a message from a friend who didn’t make it to Hashbrown Harry’s because he’s like totally super flaky or whatever, so I thought I would post the menu from the other night to show him (and thousandsssss of others) what he missed:


In other news, I got a manicure yesterday and I asked the Lady for some sort of “fun design in black and white” on my ring fingers. So now I have some weird asshole zen garden kindergarten drawing on my fingers and my brother and sister-in-law are totally going to make fun of me when they see me at our cousin’s wedding on Saturday and my life is ruined. Good thing I have a really swanky clearance rack Jessica Simpson (woo hoo you had your baby after being preggers for 9 years!!!!) neon dress that’s two sizes too big on me to distract from my ugly nails. I’m going to get a blowout at my organic hair place (they use scissors “of the earth”) and it’s going to look fab and all will be right with the world.

Also in other news, next week is slated to be my 100th post!!! I know what you’re thinking, and I really don’t know what the focus of this blog is yet, either. What I do know is that in a few short months, it has spawned a pop-up restaurant, an uber exclusive soon-to-launch supper club and a multi-billion dollar movie franchise starring the girl from Girls as me and Marshall from “How I met your mother” as Harry and Zac Efron as Charlie. In celebration of my 100th post, I’ll be giving away an official Hashbrown Harry’s t-shirt to one totally lucky lucky lucky reader. Seeing as I’ve never done a contest before, I have no idea how it works. So how about If you comment on this post and give me an idea of how to approach the contest, then you’re automatically entered? Seems fair enough, don’t you think? After reading my blah blah blah all this time, don’t you think you should suck it up and say something back? I thought so.
Xoxo gossip girl.


3 Responses to “how my blog became a best selling novel and film franchise in 93 short (long) posts.”

  1. Lindsey May 2, 2012 at 11:31 am #

    Considering that I am the first one to comment… do I automatically win? As for the contest I think you have to do something crafty… like, the winner is the first person to count the number of times Taylor Swift is mentioned on the blog… or something of that nature… thoughts?

  2. Jen May 2, 2012 at 8:11 pm #

    Omg you know me too well. As soon as I read about your nails I just had to comment. But you beat me to the bunch.

  3. Laurie May 2, 2012 at 10:45 pm #

    You can ask questions about your blogs and the correct entries get entered in a drawing to win.

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