10 things you never knew about harry. and the epic return of poetry tuesday!!!!

30 Apr

I feel like you’ve gotten to know me so well over the past few months, but Harry has been sort of just this cheffy mystery man. Here are some very important facts about Harry:

  1. He’s a 3rd generation Harry (short for Harry, not Harold or Harrison).
  2. He loves Hilary Duff movies. Including Raise Your Voice.
  3. Before he became a chef, he made and delivered raviolis.
  4. He hates beans, meat on the bone and even numbers, which is extremely annoying when it comes to the thermostat and the volume on the radio and the time you want to set the alarm for.
  5. He’s a breast man. One of our favorite hobbies is pointing out exceptional pairs to each other when we’re in a crowd.
  6. He has a Tasmanian devil tattoo on his back which is extremely lame-and-a-half. He wants to have it removed. But it’s still there.
  7. When we met he had a moustache because he thought it made him look mature.
  8. He was born in Scotland but nobody in his family is Scottish.
  9. He has a TMZ and shoe fetish, particularly John Varvatos Converse.
  10. Trouble is Harry’s middle name. Literally. How weird are his parents?*


ode to my pillow: a haiku

I really need sleep

But I have to watch tv

Gossip Girl’s the best.

*This is not true. But he does tend to get into trouble ALL THE TIME.



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