it’s real, and it’s spectacular!

1 Apr

Today I was accused of being a horrible person by my an old sleepaway camp counselor (who literally used to torture us and chase us around with brooms and call us crotches) because I didn’t tell her that she had something in her teeth while we were chatting.

In conclusion, if you and I are ever engaged in a face-to-face conversation, blame my counselor that I can’t make eye contact with you. I’ll be too busy inspecting your mouth for leftover pieces of spinach dip. Also blame my counselor if I slap you in the breast and run away from you, because she invented the game “Tit You’re It. ”

In other news, Hashbrown Harry’s was once a restaurant that didn’t exist.  But like all other genius “why didn’t I think of that” innovations of our time, (The Clapper, Spotify, those new mouth strips that make blowjobs more tolerable, self-serve fro yo places) this shiz is fo’ real. If I’m lying to you, and there is no Hashbrown Harry’s that is opening/closing on April 28th at 9:30pm, then you can have my babygirl and raise her for your own. It’s that simple.

So now that you’re no longer a skeptic, it would be nice that if you’re currently reading this and you don’t have a cousin’s Bar Mitzvah or Bob Weir tickets for that evening you will go to  and follow the link to make reservations on the double. Come to think of it, sell your fucking concert tickets, there is a Grateful Dead cover band like EVERY FIVE MINUTES that you will probably find far more satisfying.

More importantly, do your friends a favor and send this along to anyone who might dig an evening of orgasmically (and organically!) sumptuous grub and fun (and a killer playlist and maybe even special brownies). They will be forever indebted to you, and maybe one day you’ll need someone to buy a shitload of Girl Scout Cookies for your as-of-now-unconceived kid to get the bigger badge and BOOM! There’s your guy.

In all honesty, Harry and I watch every episode of Top Chef. We went to Napa and ate food that was grown on the property. We really really love to entertain people, and Harry’s genuinely talented and this pop-up is going to be really fucking cool.


PS.  I know a lot of people are really visual, so I did you the favor of a Pinterest board to get you in the mood. Here it is. Perhaps if you check back periodically it will grow. (It will. Pinteresting is beginning to edge out Googling for my procrastination tactic.)


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