Hashbrown Harry’s roundup!

26 Mar

In the past few days, Harry and I have been hard at work getting our shit together for Hashbrown Harry’s. This basically means that all we eat is breakfast, all we talk about is server uniforms and all I think about is fonts. Which really sucks for Riley. She’s been whining in her crib for like 52 hours now, and I feel really bad but I’m super preoccupied.

Here’s some useful information:

  • Hashbrown Harry’s is a one night only pop-up restaurant, which will be located in Commack on Saturday, April 28th. H.H. is a late-night breakfast joint, which was born out of necessity because one night me, Charlie and Nicole couldn’t decide where to go. It is farm-to-table, which means that the food will be locally sourced when possible, and organic when possible. The eggs are hatched about 2 miles away from where you’ll be munching on them. Forseriously.
  • Dinner is at 9:30pm. There will be one seating. Dress is casual. It’s weird if you want to wear jammies but we’re an equal opportunity establishment. Unless you’re nude, in which case you need to be wearing shoes or we won’t serve you.
  • There will be 7 courses. One of them will be a hot-and-cold duo of cereals, consisting of homemade organic fruit loops and something hot like grits or quinoa. What did you say? I’m amazing? Yes, I’m aware.
  • The 7 courses will be paired with a beverage, spiked and/or not spiked. So either don’t come wasted or don’t be in charge of your own transportation.
  • The final course will feature hash brownies. The only way to know if I’m serious or not will be to eat them and find out.
  • Reservations are available (going faster than I thought) by emailing hashbrownharrys@gmail.com or by visiting this website and booking through Open Table. Keep in mind that this website is not affiliated with Shelbytown, it is simply the facility in which Hashbrown Harry’s will be popping up. Please note on your reservation if you have any food allergies so that we can best accommodate you/not poison you.
  • Hashbrown Harry’s t-shirts will be available for purchase, so bring some cash. (I know what you’re thinking, and if we have leftover brownies they’re totally on the market as well. It’s a variation on my dream…)
  • Charlie will 100% be in attendance. Lucky lucky you.

Another thing we’ve done over the past two days is clean the house, because our every-other-week cleaning ladies didn’t show up on their normal day so we just decided to do it ourselves and throw “spring cleaning” into the mix. All this means is that I can’t move any of my body parts because I’m SO exhausted from furiously Swiffering the crusted raisins off the floor, and my feet are all torn-up from stepping on Austin’s stray Legos.

I was planning on using this as my excuse to write very little tonight, but I just realized that tonight is the premiere of Secret Life of the American Teenager and Make it or Break it on ABC Family, so I’m going to use that instead.


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