a tale of many pens.

3 Mar

Once upon a time in a state far, far south of here there sat a restaurant that served glorious and beautiful and local food for lunch and dinner to hungry people all over the land. And inside that restaurant sat Princess Me and Prince Harry (the other one) 2 times in 4 days, stuffing our faces and inspecting the bottoms of all the plates to see where they came from (Crate & Barrel… bold!). Also inside that restaurant there lived 2 noble food servants wearing crisp uniforms of jeans, white oxford shirts with the sleeves rolled-up halfway and brown pinstripe aprons. And hanging off the pockets of the servants’ aprons were the most beautiful treasures any FOH member could ever dream of laying eyes on. (Vocab of the day: FOH – Front of the House, the employees consisting of servers, busboys, hostesses, bartenders and people like that) On those aprons were oodles of pens. Like at least 8 on the body of each Food Servant. Flabbergasted, I questioned the Second Servant.

“How many pens are you required to have?”

“We aren’t required to have any, I just like to keep a bunch of them.”

“Does that mean you don’t steal pens from the host station?”

“Not usually.”

“So the hostess doesn’t have to scramble for a pen every ten minutes?”


We proclaimed the restaurant the Greatest Place in All the Land, and then the Second Servant brought us Strawberry Rhubarb with an Almond Crisp topping and homemade toffee ice cream and we all lived happily ever after.

The end.

The moral of the story is, if you keep getting your pens stolen, it’s time to move to Florida!


Oh, and I was too busy getting sick on roller coasters to observe Poetry Tuesday…. so I wrote a song.


When you have a Rental Car

(to the tune of “When you Wish Upon a Star”) 

When you have a rental car

You can drive so very far

You can visit shopping malls

And outlets too

You can go get Cuban food

Anything that fits your mood

You can eat French, Thai, Fro-Yo

Or Barbeque

Only thing that I forgot

You must find a parking spot

Crowded lots mean longer walks

And dirty shoes

Also let us not ignore

Gas prices started to soar

Public transportation means

Less stress for you


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