Vacation update.

29 Feb

Last night we went to dinner at this place called The Ravenous Pig (aka the theme of our week) and I had moonshine but was very concerned because I heard people have died from that shit but Harry wouldn’t let me ask the waiter if any of the customers had passed away, or been hospitalized at the very least, because he’s mean and no fun.
Other examples of his mean streak are that he volunteered me to ride by myself on the tower of terror and he threw my right African Lady shoe in the garbage, insisting I replace it with a Mickey Mouse Croc.
Anyway, I had to ditch the food photo idea because our dinner last night was so good that we ate it before we remembered to take a photo.


Ps. We went to a bar that served strips of bacon instead of chips or popcorn.

Oh, and Harry and I decided that we’re going to start selling Butter Beer (this incredible yumminess sold exclusively at Harry Potter World or whatever it’s called) at the restaurant so get pumped.


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