if sunshine week doesn’t end soon i’m going to scream.

24 Feb

Tonight, being the first Friday of lent, was not the busiest at my steak-centric restaurant so I had time to ponder really important things going on in my life, like how I want to live in an airstream (just for a couple years) and what color I’m going to get my nails painted on Sunday before the Oscars and whether Riley is ever going to smile showing her top teeth and what kind of tattoo I’m going to get because I finally came up with where on my body I’m going to put it but now nothing that I had planned (Mrs. Potato Head, Cheshire Cat after he’s disappeared, the sheet music to “These Days” by Rascal Flatts) seems fantastic enough.

Mostly the motor home thing.

My in-laws rented a house in North Carolina for a couple weeks this summer with all the siblings (4 couples, 3 little girls & Austin), and I’m in the process of trying to convince Harry to rent an RV to take down there, just in case we all get cabin fever and I need to escape with Riley, perhaps to Nashville because that’s really where I want to spend my summer vacation but surfing and drinking sangria and playing cards and watching my babygirl frolic joyously in the sand will have to suffice. I mentioned the idea during Thanksgiving at my parents’ house and my little banker brother shook his head and said “Can we please discuss something serious?” and my dad hissed “Grow up Shelby” and my mom wept “How did I raise such a weirdo?” and Harry grumbled “Why did I marry such a freakazoid?” and Riley shouted “Mommy, you are not only so fucking beautiful, but you’re also a Super Genius Fairy Princess and I think that renting a motor home is the ONLY way to go to North Carolina!” (Riley’s like that baby in Look Who’s Talking and her voice sounds like Roseanne Barr. So cool.) And I hugged Riley so tight and told her stories about how much fun it will be to sleep in Walmart parking lots (bet you didn’t know that you can camp there for free!) on the way down and how the table will turn into her big girl bed!!!!

The interesting thing about my dad’s inability to support my camping desire is that he used to take me camping. He also can play campfire songs on the guitar. And he grills a mean hot dog. Maybe the reason he was putting it down is because he ordered a custom VW Bus with a Winnebago interior and peace sign spare tire cover for my birthday and he wants to throw me off by discouraging the clearly incredible lifestyle that camping offers. Thank you, Daddy! I love you soooooo much! Unless you didn’t buy me a motor home for my birthday, in which case I can’t mention how I’ll feel because it’s still Sunshine Week!


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