Business Meetings for Foodies!

27 Jan

My friend who grew up in the liquor store business recently built a sparkling new shop with super tall ceilings, automatic doors, and fancy shopping carts. But the real treasure lies towards the back of the building, in the obscenely over-the-top office he constructed for himself, complete with private bathroom, koi pond and robot maid. The crowning jewel is a conference room in which he conducts totally important business meetings with ultra elite men with expensive haircuts. I am not blessed with a board room. But I often hold meetings. Here are some of the places where they tend to go down:

1. The Dry Storage Room – Not good for people who don’t like the smell of curry, and don’t count on much privacy because there’s no door (although there were whisperings of a racy late-night encounter on top of the flour bin a few years back… some people just like to live on the edge I guess.)

2. A Bench Oustide – Ideal for sunny days, breezy nights, and smokers. Also nice for late at night so you can make fun of the ends of awkward first dates and bid your happy customers adieu.

3. The Walk-In – When a conversation gets too heated, this is the place to head. Not only is it cold, but also virtually sound proof. I found this an ideal spot to rendez-vous with Harry when we first started dating. Except right after the seafood delivery and then it really lost a lot of appeal. But we have the Beer Cooler for backup.

4. The Liquor Room – The most privacy in the restaurant because it is windowless, and there’s only one key so you can lock yourself in. One may find it difficult to resist the temptation of being surrounded by booze, so use this room with caution.

5. Any Random Table – Who needs a board room when you’ve got a room filled with empty seats?!? Take that, Mr. Liquor Store Guy!

6. The Coat Closet – Definitely my board room of choice during service, because I can see the front door from here. If I have to fire someone, this is where it usually takes place. I really don’t enjoy the process so I sit in the dark and face away from the door. It’s really annoying when someone hands you their coat though, because you have no choice but to hang it.

Of course, I do have an office. But let’s face it, with all of these exotic locations to chat it up, who needs it?


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