how to be the golden child!

24 Jan

I don’t know. Ask my brother.

In other news, it’s poetry tuesday!!

ode to my father

My Pops stopped by work tonight

and this friend of mine said “Shel’s alright!”

and Pops said “Well she’s kind of odd”

“Why, in what way?” my friend did prod.

“She dresses like a Super Freak,

It isn’t pretty, it’s so not Chic.

She likes the strangest types of food,

She’s always in a fucked up mood.

She’s got great hair but I have to say,

She showers every other day.

She uses curse words all the time

and thinks I only speak in rhyme.

Other than that she’s the greatest kid,

I’m so damn pleased with the job I did.”

My friend was speechless (and really impressed)

“I always liked the way she dressed.”

Note: After reading this poem, I will forever be referred to by my dad as THE OFFICIAL GOLDEN CHILD. Not counting the dog. Or my brother. Ok fine the Jewish guilt is killing me! My dad didn’t say any of this stuff! He adores me and thinks my clothes are occasionally above average and knows absolutely nothing about my bathing habits!!!!


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